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Thursday August 21, 2014

Antenna T2FD & Accessories

T2FD Antennas and Accessories

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To: <>
Subject: BuxComm Windom and t2fd
Date: Wednesday, October 24, 2012 12:30 AM

Just a brief email to compliment and thank Buxcomm for your excellent products!
I have both a BuxComm windom 40-2meter and 1080 t2fd I built with your 9 to 1 balun
and 450 ohm terminated resistor.† I love them both.† I just finished making 60 or
70 contacts in the California qso party.Your antennas work great as advertised.†
I appreciate the low prices and high quality. I didnít have enough room for 80 meters hence the 1080 t2fd.
Now I have a resonant† antenna on 80 and 15.† No tuner necessary.

Thanks again††  Dave†† KG6A

We include strain-type insulators with our wire antennas. For, folded dipoles,T2FD, and similar folded type antennas,
we attach the insulator to the antenna wire. We
donít always place the insulator at the final position. To attach the
strain-type insulators
(shown) to the wire, we use an old Marine Corps/Navy method I used back in the fifties to
position the insulator in the correct location on the wire. In most installations, this will be at the ends, or fold-back
point of the antenna.
Itís a simple slip-knot, and can easily be removed and/or relocated to the correct position on the
wire. In figure1, the antenna wire is folded and inserted through one of the holes in the insulator. Then in figure 2,
the wire
end that was inserted through the hole is opened just enough for the insulator to fit through the loop. 
Once the insulator is through the loop (figure 3), set the wire tight,
into the insulator wire-guide.

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